NoFollow plugin for e107 Released!

A public beta of the plugin nofollow is now available for FREE download. NoFollow is an SEO oriented plugin aimed to discourage backlink building SPAM in e107 powered websites by automatically inserting an rel="nofollow" attribute to posted links in comment, chat, forum and other areas. I made this plugin for using in one of my website powered by e107 and now its available for the e107 community openly and for FREE.
I wanted a way that didn't put off the genuine enthusiastic posters at the site by stopping them posting links in comments chatbox etc but discouraged people who merely signed up and posted on the site to build 'dofollow' backlinks in hope to get some PR advantage. This plugin for e107 tries to takes exactly that path, and hope to be beneficial to the e107 community at large.

For download links and knowing more about the plugin go to the NoFollow plugin page here.
Posted by: Arun on 10 May 2011 comments comment: 9

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