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Introducing 2 different styled sets of icons for your e107 forums, hand drawn and crafted for you with care. Createde107-forum-icon-news-image.png them for my personal use couple of months ago based on Roy Scholten's drupal forum icons. Currently I'm releasing 2 colour varients of the icons more varients to come in future based upon your feedback.

What's in the pack

The e107 Forum Icon Pack consists of eight 32 pixel x 32 pixel icons and eight 16 pixel by 16 pixel icons all in 32-bit PNG format in the following flavors:
  1. Solid Colour
  2. Gradient Styled
If you think these icons are really good and you use them on your e107websites you may express your gratitude by tweeting about these icons. If you are seriously overwhelmed with gratitude you may wish to donate me or give an attribution link back to this site.

Where is the Download?
The downloads are located here:
Posted by: Arun on 01 Apr 2011 comments comment: 4

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